Prof. Dr. Tilo F. Halaszovich

Head of Working Group

He chairs the undergraduate study program International Business Administration and is responsible for the Start-Up activities at the University. He teaches International Management, Strategic Management, and Marketing.

Learn more about Prof. Halasovich here.


Sonja Mattfeld

Research Associate / PhD Student

Sonja Mattfeld is passionated about Africa. After 12 years of business experience with Africa, she joined the working group as a research associate. In her PhD thesis, she is focused on the linkages between investors and local companies in Sub-Sahara-Africa.


Oghenekome Umuerri

´╗┐Research Associate / PhD Student


Paloma Gutierrez Keever

Project Assistant / J-CUB Start-Up Program

Paloma Gutierrez Keever is responsible for the organization of J-CUB | The Jacobs University Start-Up Program. Moreover, she actively supports start-up teams in their development.


Student Assistants

Julia Kaiser

Student Assistant

Robin Wolter

Student Assistant