Research & Publications

The research focus of the Professorship of Global Markets & Firms is centered around entrepreneurship, foreign direct investments (FDI) and institutions with a special focus on Emerging Markets and the competitiveness of firms in these markets.

Current research projects:

  • SME investments in Africa
    From a European perspective, African countries are mostly untapped markets. Yet, doing business in Africa is a challenge for SMEs. In this project, we seek to identify success factors for collaborations with local, African companies. Local networks help to overcome institutional and market obstacles for investors and can benefit from close business ties with European partners in return. The project is funded by the GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH).
  • Digitalization and International Business
    How does digitalization change the way of doing business across borders? What opportunities arise for entrepreneurs from all these changes? These and many other questions are asked in our ongoing research focus on the consequences of digitalization in a globalizing world.

Report on the Impact of COVID-19 on Export and Investment Activities of German Companies in Sub-Saharan Africa

In a joint project with the GIZ, we analyzed the impact of COVID-19 on the activities of German companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Download the full report here: JUB-GIZ Report Impact of Covid-19 on export and investment of German companies

Most recent publications

Peer Reviewed Publications
Halaszovich, T. F., Kinra, A. (forthcoming):The Impact of Distance and National Transportation System on FDI and Trade Patterns: Results from South Asia, Transport Policy.
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Halaszovich, T. F. (2020): When does Foreignness Become a Liability? – The Effects of Flawed Institutional Environments on Foreign and Domestic Firm Performance in Emerging Markets, European Journal of International Management, 14(1), 118-143.
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Gentile-Lüdecke, S. / Halaszovich, T. F. / Lundan, S. M. (2019):What role does the CEO vision play in the internationalization process of firms? Evidence from the banking sector in Africa, Thunderbird: International Business Review, 61(1), 13-27.
Eickemeyer, S.C. / Halaszovich, T.F. / Lattemann, C. (2018):Blockchain Technologien für die Sicherung von Material , Informations- und Geldflüssen in der Logistik – Erfolgsfaktoren für die chinesische „Belt-Road“ Initiative. HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 55(6), 1260-1273.
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Books & Book Chapters
Eickemeyer, S., Halaszovich, T. F., Lattemann, C., Busch, J. (2020):Wertschöpfungs- und Lieferketten am Beispiel der New Silk Road, in: Fill HG., Meier A. (Hrsg.) Blockchain, Edition HMD, Springer.
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