Research & Publications

The research focus of the Professorship of Global Markets & Firms is centered around foreign direct investments (FDI) and institutions with a special focus on Emerging Markets and the competitiveness of firms in these markets.

Current research projects are:

  • Institutional and cultural compatibility in International Business
  • One Belt One Road – The effects of China’s initiative on countries along the  belt
  • Perceptions of distance and their impact on foreign market entry modes

Most recent publications

Peer Reviewed Publications
Halaszovich, T. F. (2018):When foreignness becomes a liability: The effects of flawed institutional environments on foreign vs. domestic firm performance in emerging markets, European Journal of International Management. (forthcoming)
Gentile-Lüdecke, S. / Halaszovich, T. F. / Lundan, S. M. (2017): What role does the CEO vision play in the internationalization process of firms? Evidence from the banking sector in Africa, Thunderbird: International Business Review. (forthcoming)
Halaszovich, T. F. / Nel, J. (2017):Customer-Brand Engagement and Facebook Fan-Page ‘Like’ Intention, Journal of Product and Brand Management, 26(2), 120-134.
Halaszovich, T. F. / Lundan, S. M. (2016):The Moderating Role of Local Embeddedness on the Performance of Foreign and Domestic Firms in Emerging Markets, International Business Review, 25(5), 1136-1148.
Books & Book Chapters
Halaszovich, T. F. (2017):The Concept of Formal and Informal Institutional Compatibility and its Effect on FDI, in: van Tulder, R., Verbecke, A. (ed.): Progress in International Business Research Vol. 12, Emerald, Bingley. (forthcoming)
Burmann, C. / Halaszovich, T. F. / Schade, M. / Piehler, R. (2017):Identitätsbasierte Markenführung – Grundlagen, Strategie, Umsetzung, Controlling, 3. Ed., Gabler.
Burmann, C. / Riley, N. / Halaszovich, T. F. / Schade, M. (2017):Identity-Based Brand Management - Fundamentals - Strategy - Implementation - Controlling, 1. Ed., Gabler.